Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Student Led PTA Meeting

Our most recent PTA Meeting at #Cantiague was an EPIC one because it featured some of the best learning opportunities we've had all year. The presenters at this meeting helped our families understand the whole idea of persuasive/opinion based writing in addition to how one might develop an argument and successfully prepare for a debate. The presentations were concise, informative, thorough and accessible for all family members. It was a great morning that sparked a lot reflection and conversation as our families in attendance left the building. 

Overall, I would say it was the best PTA Meeting of the year because it was filled with great content and important information. The most awesome part of the experience, at least through my lens, was that the presenters at this PTA Meeting were our kids. That's right... For the first time ever at #Cantiague our PTA Meeting (and the learning that unfolded there) was led by our students... nine students in all - from grades 3, 4 & 5 - prepared, reflected and presented everything anyone would need to know about developing an argument, supporting an opinion with evidence, persuading a reader with research to back up claims and sway voters during a debate - our kids (under the guidance and instruction of our amazing teachers) hit a GRAND SLAM today!

The idea of amplifying student voice has been high on my list of priorities this year and we have tried a bunch of different things to make that happen. We have incorporated Genius Hour, we have given them choice in their academic pursuits and we have empowered them to lead some of the learning in the community. Last month I wrote this post about our students successfully lead a professional development session for our staff and today they impressed again by leading and facilitating our monthly PTA Meeting. With the support of their classroom teachers, they came prepared to share their journey as it related to developing opinions in writing to persuade a reader or building their argument to win a debate. Their presentations were really awesome and the truth is, I did not preview anything nor did I have a say in what the kids shared... the meeting was all theirs from start to finish and they were AWESOME! Actually, you can check out a ten minute excerpt from the meeting right here... you don't have to take my word for it - you can see them in action sharing their awesomeness...

Words cannot accurately capture how proud I am of our kids and how impressed I am with their knowledge, maturity and composure - I never could have done this at 9 years old. In the end, I guess amplifying student voice can look different in different places but the bottom line is we must create spaces where children feel respected, valued, heard and empowered so they can successfully teach and learn. So, I challenge my fellow educators to turn up the volume and amplify their students' voices! 


  1. Tony,
    This is great! Thanks for sharing. Something I will need to consider for future PTO meetings. We are always looking for new way to empower our students. Nice work!

  2. Tony,

    This is awesome!! I had never considered having my students lead a PTA meeting. I often feel like I am repeating the same information to the same set of parents...what a way to shake up the status quo! I am going to explore this idea with my students. Thanks for sharing:)