Thursday, March 26, 2015

Positive Post-It Day

How many of you have heard about Positive-Post It Day (#PositivePostItDay)? It is such a positive reframing to dealing with a bullying situation and one worth learning about and celebrating! We are going to this at again #Cantiague (our 2nd year) on Tuesday, March 29th and we want to welcome our PLN to join us on so we can celebrate all the positivity in our collective spaces across the world. Interested? Then check out this 2 minute video explaining the idea...

We welcome everyone who joins us on Tuesday, March 29th to make it look however you want in your schools, districts, classrooms or programs but we are going to have the children generate at least four post-its. Here are those ideas...

1) One positive post-it to themselves - something they are proud of themselves for that they can display on their desks... I think recognizing our own strengths is an important celebration!

2) One positive post-it for a classmate where they celebrate something specific about a classmate;

3) One positive post-it for another child in the school... maybe from the same grade level or a buddy from a different grade... whatever... they should celebrate something specific they value in someone else;

4) One positive post-it for an adult in the building - someone on the staff they want to recognize and celebrate!

Being that this aligns with the idea of "Random Acts of Kindness" these post-its should be specific to the receiver but also anonymous from the giver... it doesn't matter who the post-it comes from... it is about celebrating someone else. So, label the name of the person getting the post-it but there is no need to sign your name. 

I am so excited about this day because it reinforces EVERYTHING we talk about here at #Cantiague in regards to being Bucket Fillers and we hope that our whole PLN will join us on Tuesday, March 29th (or a different day if that doesn't work for you) to celebrate #PositivePostItDay. 


  1. Tony,

    Thank you for making me aware of this!! I think it's a great idea and will share at my school. I especially like the timing of it as we prepare to go on Spring Break soon and many students may need a "positive boost" as they are away from a structured setting.


  2. How special your day will be at Cantiague. I look forward to hearing more about your positive post-it campaign.

  3. Morley Nelson Elementary LOVED #PositivePostItDay. Thanks for sharing the idea!!!

  4. I love this idea! It falls within my school's ethos regarding Mindfulness; particularly gratitude. We are in England and not the USA. However, We will promote this day as well. #PositivePostItDay

  5. Tony, what a fantastic idea! I'm hoping to rally my school community to participate in #PositivePostItDay on March 29th. I'd love to see this hashtag trending!