Saturday, March 7, 2015

41 Things I Know About Education

This month I turn 41... that's right I have moved beyond 40 and am heading towards middle age, or at least that's what my son recently told me. Although getting older comes with some drawbacks (aches are common, sitting on the floor with a kid to read is great until you have to get up and eating something spicy after 7pm can lead to some problems, etc), the last couple of years have also been pretty amazing. Being in my 40s has been quite empowering and has amplified my voice in ways that I never knew possible. I have learned a lot about myself, a lot about the people around me, a lot about what matters in life and a lot about the world of education, especially the current landscape of education, which is a rocky one. 

I have been an educator for almost 20 years and I have learned more in the last year or two than I did during the first decade of my career and that is an awesome feeling! Last year, right before I turned 40, I wrote this post in honor of my birthday, and I have decided that I might make this a little tradition so now I am sharing 41 things I know about education...

1. Kids come first and doing what is best for them is the most important part of our work as educators, even when it's not easy!

2. As educators it is our responsibility to always be learners FIRST!

3. The conversations in schools must shift from the teaching and instead be focused on the learning... how do our kids learn best?

4. Successful schools are built on relationships that are rooted in trust, empathy and respect! 

5. Yes, we can be sympathetic towards others but more important is showing empathy... it's more about "I can understand where you are coming from..." and less about "I feel sorry for you!"

6. Have fun in your classroom... in your school... and in your district! People thrive in environments where smiles and laughter are the norm and not the exception.

7. Tell the story of your school... because if you don't someone else will and they won't do as good of a job!

8. Listen more than you talk... and most important is giving kids a chance to be heard. 

9. Schools MUST be a safe haven for kids because that is critical to addressing the gaps in the quality of education that exist in our country!

10. Racism is a system issue that continues to plague our schools and impact our kids!

11. We need to shift the focus from trying to close the achievement gap to trying to address the opportunity gap!

12. Branding your school or district is not about making money or slapping a logo on the building... it is about creating an identity that the community is proud of and embraces!

13. Any successful change in schools comes as a result of relationships rooted in trust and respect.

14. Our kids are much more than a number so instead of creating data walls that focus solely on test scores, create student profile walls that give us the hard and soft data points... the test scores from the classroom and the fact that the child was a selective mute three years ago; reading levels and the knowledge that a child lost a parent; etc. Our kids are complex and rich... don't devalue them by reducing them to a number.  

15. Empower the educators around you to have a say in their professional development... give them voice and choice!

16. Professional development must also resonate on a personal level if it is going to be sustainable. 

17. We cannot let professional development happen to us... we must take control of our own professional development and personalize it to best meet our needs and the needs of our students!

18. Educational leaders must try and learn something every single day! If we want our schools and classrooms to be hotbeds for learning, then we must model those expectations and be true life long learners!

19. Our children need time to be creative in school... whether it is centers, art or genius hour, our kids need time to create! 

20. Our children need to have a voice in their learning - we must give them a space to pursue their passions and interests! 

21. All staff members have an area of expertise so let's tap into it and share it - we have so much to learn from each other!

22. Educators need to create a PLN... a school or district based PLC is a great thing too but we need ideas beyond our context and our PLN can provide those to help us broaden our lens and point of view!

23. The most important people in a school are the secretaries, custodians and nurses... never forget it!

24. The principal can set the tone of a school... they can build and nurture a positive culture or breed a destructive one! The Principal's impact is far reaching... be thoughtful if you are a principal!

25. Go out during recess and play with your kids... even if it isn't your day to be on recess duty. Recess = unstructured joy! 

26. As educators it is our responsibility to model appropriate digital citizenship and how to create a positive digital footprint!

27. Technology does not equal innovation!

28. Be kinder than necessary... even when you're having a bad day. 

29. Don't embarrass your students in front of each other. Public humiliation breeds contempt not obedience. 

30. Use a morning meeting or a peace talk or some sort of classroom meeting time to nurture a sense of community and family in your classroom!

31. Let your students lead some of the professional development for the staff!

32. Invite your families to be ENGAGED... not just involved!

33. Once you take a behavior problem to the principal, which depending on the level of severity may be necessary, you have lost all authority with that child.

34. EdCamps are rooted in sharing effective practices and discussing good pedagogy... not just spotlighting the coolest new tech tools!

35. Don't be afraid of BYOD... be prepared but also let your kids have some freedom!

36. Explaining the real life connections to everything we teach may help students see the importance.

37. Take risks with your teaching and learning!

38. Create a staff blog where people can share all the awesome things happening in your space.

39. School should be about a balance between uncovering the answers and asking the right questions.

40. Take the work of educating children really seriously but don't take yourself too seriously... in fact, get over yourself. 
41. Kids should always be at the center and come FIRST!

Clearly the list could go on and on but in the end, I think these 41 points are critical to the success of any educator, student and learning organization. 

What do you think should be the next thing on this list? Please leave a comment below!


  1. Tony,

    I so appreciate the simple brilliance of this post. You've packed 39 essentials, book-ended between two key tenets - #1 and #41 - reminding us that the work we do is all about being great for kids. I'm looking forward to sharing this as part of a wider conversation with our Faculty. Thank you for (always) providing the inspiration...and Happy Birthday! Here's to reading 82 + things you know about education.


  2. Tony, love, love, love this new tradition you have created for yourself! Each one of your points shouts out to be shared, which is exactly what I plan to do! Like you, I have learned more in these past few years than I did in the first 20 years of my career- and a great deal of that learning has come from you & my PLN. Thank you.