Thursday, April 16, 2015

Telling Our Story At The Bammys

In case you haven't heard, Joe Sanfelippo and I will be hosting the 2015 Bammy Awards on Saturday, September 26th! Are we excited? HECK YEA! Not only does it give us another opportunity to poke fun at each other in a public forum but the Bammys are also spotlighting a focus in education that is incredibly important to us... Telling the POSITIVE stories of our schools! Having written a book on the subject and having the opportunity to discuss the topic with other amazing educators on our radio show, we are honored to be working with the Bammy Awards to put the focus where it matters most in education - on our children and all the amazing things they do! 

Check out this video, Breaking The Code of Silence, that presents a quick overview of what the Bammy Awards hope to accomplish this year...

So, we hope you will all join us this year in an effort to change the landscape of education by flooding it with all of the AMAZING and AWESOME and POSITIVE stories of schools!   

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  1. Tony,
    Thanks for the reminder that we need to tell our positive stories as educators. Each day, educators are changing lives, inspiring students, and creating a better tomorrow. If we don't tell our story, others will tell it for us. Keep up the positive message and energy!