Tuesday, March 22, 2016

In Light Of The World Today

As an educator who values the power of the PLN and all that I have learned from colleagues and friends from around the world, I wanted to share the following email that I sent to our staff today. The contents of the email were in response to the terrorist attacks in Belgium. It may contain some information that other educational leaders, educators or families find useful when discussing the topic with their children...

Hello everyone,

As most of us are probably aware, there was another alleged terrorist attack in Belgium. Although details are still emerging it seems that the attacks were very similar to what occurred in Paris and California earlier this year – extremists who believe they are doing the “right” thing for a specific cause. Even though the facts and motives are not necessarily clear, our children are growing up in a world where terrorist attacks are more the norm than the exception. 

Additionally, as a result of these terrorist attacks the rhetoric against Muslims is also growing (the current presidential campaign isn’t helping matters) and for those reasons we must be attentive and supportive.

As educators in a world that is diversifying, I think it is important that we keep our ears open for things our students may be discussing related to these matters to ensure that all of our children feel safe regardless of their religion, ethnicity or skin color. We have labeled this the Year Of Happy at Cantiague and have talked a lot about empathy but more so than ever, I think it is imperative we encourage the following with our children: empathy, patience, understanding and avoiding the inclination to paint certain groups with broad strokes. 

I leave it to each of you to decide if anything needs to change in your classrooms as it relates to learning but in case the subject of terrorism does come up and you feel compelled to address it, I wanted to share some age appropriate resources that might be helpful…






Again, these are just some resources you may want to explore depending on the needs of your children or the things that come up during class discussions – no expectations just possibilities. Ultimately, I am firm believer that if we are going to change the world, it happens through education not reaction.


Please feel free to use any of the text above or contribute other relevant resources in the comment section below. Together we are better for all of our children!

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