Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Educational Mission in Six Words

During our last Faculty Meeting at Cantiague our staff tackled the task of writing Six Word stories to describe our educational mission statements/beliefs. It was a fun activity and the end results (see below) speak to the positive, strong and consistent feelings and sentiments that permeate our building. 

Check them out...

Inspire, protect, nurture, enrich, challenge, collaborate

Inspire, help, encourage, educate, nurture, grow

Helping kids feel AMAZING about themselves

To develop a sense of self-esteem

Make a difference, change lives, share love

Fun, engage, discover, inquiry-based, rapport, rigor

Inspire positive learning, develop lifelong learning

Cooperation, model, inspire, challenge, fun, motivate

Learning environment, fostering happy, confident students

Promotion of lifelong health and wellness

Live, love, care, learn, be somebody

Inspire children to want to learn

Develop a deep love for learning

Confident, creative, proud, kind, flexible, learner

Catalysts, encourage, provide, support, mentor, happiness

My students feel good about themselves

Making one difference for every child

Inspire, coach, love, fun, patience, learning

Encouragement and emotional support for children

Share, inspire, encourage, learn, care, grow

Love, nurture, listen, warmth, encourage, understand

Joyful, passion, fulfillment, playful, awesome

Laughing, learning, playing, sharing, creating, loving

Guide with love, understanding and support

Motivate, differentiate, explore, practice, master, inspire

Inspire, creatively educate, risk-free environment

Impact my students throughout their lives

Make a difference in someone’s life

Growth, strength, confidence, compassion, enthusiasm, faith

Inspire, build confidence, love learning, grow

Music education is imperative for all

Self-esteem, confidence, problem solvers

Develop self-esteem, confidence, love of learning

I want kids to love learning

To inspire the love of art

Maximize students’ potential role model behavior

Joy of language learning and communication

Reading is the key to everything

To help students become confident communicators

To instill a love for learning

Inspire, challenge students as lifelong learners

Build confidence, Empower children, Accept Differences

Motivate, change, differentiate impact, encourage, smile, love 

Teach children to be happy, confident lovers of learning

Inspire, Motivate, Change, Learn, Engage, Empower 

Friend, Inspire, Trust, Interactive, Dedicated, Energetic

Speak and listen to learn and love

After reviewing all of our six word stories, one of the most 
commonly used words is INSPIRE. So, please leave a comment below and share how YOU INSPIRE your students or staff! 


  1. My first word was "self esteem", although I love "inspire" and "motivate". All of your words inspired me!!

  2. I can only hope to inspire students a fraction of how inspired I am by you, Cantiague_lead!
    I hope a sense of joy is what I impart in what I do every day! If not, why bother?

  3. Hi Tony,
    This is an inspiring professional learning experience - supporting us to focus on what is truly core! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. The word that hits home for me is "love." When I walk through this building on a daily basis I see, hear and feel the love. I see teachers sitting side by side with their students, I hear voices praising and all the warm smiles and greetings always makes me feel loved. The students and staff here are loving, and that is a very important part of being able to learn.

  5. Ok, so I had a very high level lesson to do with 3rd grade. The stuff they're expected to do, according to the new standards, is unbelievable. So I thought of how to "inspire" them to motivate them. I told them about a challenging lesson I'm very excited about and tried to make a big deal about the level of mathematics they were doing. Well, our wonderful 3rd graders rose to the challenge and really did an awesome job!

  6. I hope my love of music inspires my students to learn to enjoy and appreciate the role of music in their everyday lives and be aware of how music incorporates math, language, history, and science as a fine art!

  7. I try to inspire my students by striving for both understanding and real-world application in my teaching. The application piece creates an excitement about learning and a buzz of "look what I can do" both inside and out of the classroom. I believe this excitement is inspiring for both students and teachers alike. For example, today a parent relayed a story about one of our students who applied his learned addition concepts to convert the length of a DVD (in minutes) to an actual start and end time. His conversion was part of a failed attempt to stay up past his bedtime, but how awesome is that!?!?

  8. I hope to inspire my students to become lifelong learners. I want them to leave my classroom each day with the desire to investigate new topics of interest, to be okay with making mistakes and to encourage them to ask questions. :)

  9. Hi,

    We hope to inspire our children by making them laugh while learning. Laughing relieves stress and anxiety while opening our minds up to new experiences. Our goal is to have a joyful, happy classroom with a lot of laughter!


  10. We try to inspire our students by making learning fun, new and exciting. We want children to develop a love for learning and view school as a fun place to be!

    Montonellis #2

  11. We try to inspire our students by making our classroom a place that feels like a second home. We want our students to feel comfortable taking risks and not to be afraid of making mistakes. In our classroom, you are not expected to be anybody but yourself.

  12. We try to inspire our students by making our classroom a place that feels like a second home. We want our students to feel comfortable taking risks and not to be afraid of making mistakes. In our classroom, you don't have to be anybody but yourself!

  13. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of the song Hall of Fame by Will.I.Am? The song says it all...You can be the greatest..You can be the best...You can be a hero...
    We want the children in our class to feel that with hard work they can accomplish anything!
    The Levermans

  14. I hope to inspire my students to lead positive lives and feel good about themselves both in and out of school. I really enjoyed reading all of the comments...very inspiring:-)

  15. I want to inspire my students to discover and celebrate their strengths and gifts, never be afraid to try, and learn through laughter.
    Kim K.

  16. A teacher can inspire students in so many ways. I try to inspire by example. Every day I try to show my love of reading and writing, my enthusiasm for math, and my excitement for learning about new people and places in social studies. I hope that when my students see my energy it wakes up their imaginations and desire to learn. Going beyond the curriculum, I try to show patience, caring, love and understanding. I hope this has inspired my students to be loving, be kind, be respectful, and be compassionate. I hope they are inspired to be BUCKET FILLERS each and every day!

  17. I leave school each day reflecting upon each of my student's growth. Not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well. I want to inspire them all to have a love for learning and compassion for one another.